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Focused Services

Your schedule is what matters,
not how crowded some big gym will be when you need it.

Achieving your goals is simple, but it's as unique as you are.
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Let's start a better you

Being fit and strong shouldn't overwhelm us.

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It's timenow, not later. Let's go. Today.

A plan that holds us accountable will help.

Trainer monitored progress with fitness apps.

Good training means targeted training.


Small group personal training

No more than small groups of 2-4 in a session

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Personal Training

Work with a personal trainer away from the crowds at the gym.

Training planning or Nutrition

Individual programming is always included but also available as a standalone. Not interested in exercise yet? Try Nutrition Coaching.

On-site Corporate Wellness

Let's put together a proposal that fits your goals

Glutes Workshop: Cheeks 4 Weeks

This glutes workshop is a very structured 4 week training that will teach you how to build strong glutes and legs.

Start training, start changing

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Core Service Values

Simple Solutions' purpose is to provide you with simple and effective exercise programs so you can become the best person you want to be in the best way for you.

Company Core Values:

  • Personal Responsibility and Open-mindedness - to get where you want to go, you have to be willing to put in the work and be willing to try something different.
  • Effective - getting where you want to go in the best way possible for you
  • Simple - a good plan perfectly executed is better than the perfect plan that we can't seem to pull off
  • Family - your family and enjoying your time spent together is very important. You're a part of our family and we want to enhance your life.

Whatever your version of happiness is, you deserve that. As busy as you are, you've got to do this for yourself.

Your fitness journey starts today

You've found the trainer that can help you achieve your goals.


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