What to Expect from Your Trainer

Your trainer has expectations of you, here are some that you might have in the person who you're hiring to help get you to your goals. 

There are expectations that you can have with your trainer. First and foremost they should care about you. This person should not only be as invested in your goals as you are, but they should also be interested in getting to know you as a person. Not only is this reasonable, I think it's mandatory.

The relationship between trainer and client should be one that is similar to that of a coach and an athlete. All in. This person is in large going to become a pivotal part of your support system.

You may have your own reasons, I've heard these in conversation with people looking to hire a trainer:

  • Measure your progress
  • Hold you accountable
  • Let you know when it is time to increase your weight or change your workout
  • Give you direction to help you perform better

My expectation of a new client is to get to know mainly these two things in our first consultation:

  • What you want to get out of training
  •  Why your goals are important to you

I like to treat everyone like they are an athlete in a way. You need to take care of the entire person and not just an individual training session. You'll get more out of your program if you're eating right, sleeping well and doing the things you need to recover between workouts. I don't see how that's any different than an athlete.

I want you to be successful and you're far less likely to be successful if I don't take the time to teach you about all of the things I'm learning and applying in your training. You'll learn what works for you by practicing all of the skills you'll get to help make better choices outside of training sessions as well as practicing good technique in all of your exercises. In each session there is some area where you can improve and you should look for it every time you come in!

Now you don't need to know everything that your trainer does about exercise but you should know enough to feel confident in your plan and how you're going about executing it. It's important to you and you should invest yourself in goals.

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