What If You Have Questions or Need Help While Training?

Sometimes you have training or nutrition questions on your personal fitness journey, what will I do to answer them when you work with Simple Solutions Fitness?

Something is bugging you, you read an article online or you feel a little fat today while you're on a hypercaloric diet trying to gain some muscle. Where do you turn when you have a question?

By all means if you're working with me go ahead and ask me that question on the spot. There's no reason to stress over it, I'm here to help and trust me you're not the only one who's probably had your same question. I actually really like when you shoot me a message with your question because it gives me something to write about while helping you. It's a total win-win, most of what I write here believe it or not is a direct response to questions that people have asked when I speak to them about what I'm reading. You hire me to stress about how to get to your fitness and nutrition goal.

I typically say that you can reach me any time before 6 PM. Not always by design, I typically wake up anywhere from ~4-5:30 AM. If you just so happen to be up around then and have a question, you can shoot me an email or message and I'll be more than happy to work through it with you. During the day sometimes my response time can be a little slower but, that's only because I'm in an appointment and I'm helping someone else. 

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What If I Don't Know The Answer to Your Question?

That's not a problem at all! I love learning and it gives me an excuse to learn more about a fascinating subject. I haven't felt like any of the learning that I've done has been a waste of time. When I feel like I've relevantly researched the topic, I will try to explain my finding as clearly as possible. Research in itself is a learning process and I currently have a copy of Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches  By John Creswell that I'm slowly working through to gain a deeper understanding of what goes into conducting a research study. It'll greatly improve my ability to dissect and understand even more fitness studies.

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