The Financial Pros and Cons of Having an Online Personal Trainer

How do you prefer to work with your personal fitness trainer? Some like to work online. Read this to find out if that might be something you want to consider financially.

Online personal training. It's becoming more popular by the day for those who want to pursue a career in fitness without being tied to a clock. The business aspects of training can be thought of separately from the actual training itself. This is about why online training is a more flexible model and may be cheaper. Skip down if you want to read about what sort of online training program pricing is typically offered.

 Some of the most commonly touted "cons" of in person personal training are:

  • Limited time, once you book a client that time slot is accounted for.
  • Tied to a geographic location, you can only train people who can reach you.
  • Are you independent or working for a gym? Gym's often take 40-60% of what people pay for training.

Admittedly some of these are very real. The goal of any business is always to keep the most money possible. Online personal training allows you to have a substantially lower margin. Your major costs will be:

  • Cost of whatever training software you choose to deliver your services with.
  • Time spent writing programs.
  • Time communicating with clients, using whatever means you have to coach and correct exercise form and answer questions.
  • Time and money spent on the business aspects of running a business.

Also, If your business is online you're likely using a payment processor to manage payment. Some people don't realize when they pay with a card that you will not see all of the money, it might be a 2-4% additional cost involved that's often passed on to the consumer or built in. Not always the case but it's often much cheaper for everyone involved.

Online Training Program Packages

Now because the trainer does not have to split profits with a gym owner there can be a lot more flexibility in the pricing. Simple Solutions Fitness does not currently offer this but exercise wise, it can be accomplished by offering varying levels of customization.

Workout of the Month Club

A workout of the month club is one introductory way that online trainers offer services. They create a basic workout that people can follow with varying levels of equipment and provide generalized advice about how people may customize this for themselves. I've actually done that for free here (January), here (February) and here (March) for example.

The cost of these programs can vary greatly. Some can be as cheap as $9 a month. Others can fall in the $25-49 a month range. I've seen higher than $99 a month. All depends on the business and the value you feel you're getting.

Program Templates

Program templates are another introductory way to offer training. It's more customized in that you're purchasing a program for your specific goal at that time. The program has been created and will often be delivered to you in PDF of excel format. One program may cost you $49, $99 or more. Often if your goal changes you'll need to buy another template for that goal or attempt to purchase a hybrid version of a template. These are nice from a business standpoint because you create the template once, update it as it is tested and used and continue to profit from it and typically answer the same questions around that. It'll lead you to create a F.A.Q. page.

Individual 1:1 Online Coaching

To varying degrees online coaching can be done individually. Attention is more expensive, especially when dealing with someone who has no physical limitations of time. You might spend as much or more than you would if you had an in-person trainer. Some of the programs that I've seen can be in the $200-600+ a month range.

Specialized Online Group Coaching

This can often be thought of as an inner circle club. It may be a small group of ladies or men that all work together as an small online semi-private group. Again this can be just as expensive as in-person training. If your favorite coach has put something like this together it may run you $600 a month.

Hopefully this has helped you think through some online personal training options. It may be something Simple Solutions Fitness gets into in the future. Currently it's not a fit but everyone changes at some point in life.

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