The Difference Between Following a Template and Personal Coaching

A really well designed training template may get you the results you want, there are inherent some flaws in following a template though. How can personal fitness training be a better fit for you?

That Instagram fitness person you follow finally did it, they put out a program that you can follow to get you the awesome results they seem to have the secrets to. If this truly was a magic program that did just that, are there still some greater advantages to hiring a personal trainer?

Should You Follow a Template?

A really well designed popular template may have some advantages. If it has been around long enough to circle the internet and people track and post the results that they get, you have a really large sample size to tell you whether or not the program works! 

Let's look at some of the advantages to running a program template:

  • You pay for the template once and you're able to reuse it over and over again.
  • A good template has been met with frequent questions by its users that have likely been answered somewhere and given to you to help you out.
  • You have a repeatable program that will provide you with a consistent result.
  • If you're not getting what you want in one area, hopefully there is some instruction provided by the writer on how to individualize the template without making drastic changes.
  • Templates have usually been programmed around a specific goal so there is a good base for decision making.

Now there are a few limits to following a template, its not a controlled study:

  • You won't be able to find out how experienced these people are with exercising, beginners progress differently than intermediates and advanced lifters.
  • You won't know how strict of a diet program the people who followed the template were on.
  • You won't know if they made any personal modifications to the program that could completely change the outcome!

The most obvious drawback to following a template is that you won't have anyone there with you to coach your form. You'll also miss out on the accountability of having someone there with you expecting you to show up, work hard and try to get better each day at something.

You're ready

Let's create an organized plan that holistically achieves your goals.

How to Know if A Template is Right for You

You should be able to follow a template if:

  1. You're self reliant and have no problem working out on your own.
  2. You have proficient experience executing most basic exercise patterns.
  3. You have some experience and know how to modify a program to fit your needs.

If you do not meet those criteria than a template may not be right for you. I've followed some in the past and experienced some good results from a few. I generally like to write my own programs because I like the flexibility it gives me but, I also like to see how other people work through solving the same problems.

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