Download A Simple Training Plan

Download this PDF simple training plan to plan your own simple workouts

About the training plan

You should know, strength training programs are individual. If you follow the rules and perform the exact same program as a friend, you’ll get different results.

Periodization is the organization of training programs systematically laid out to achieve a specific goal.

Over the next 12 weeks, you will build some strength and feel more confident, but you likely won’t achieve all your goals.

Think of a training program as a step or one of the programs that you’ll follow over time.

The good news is, everyone gets better when they follow a quality strength training system. The biggest differences are how fast you see results and the amount of results you get from a training program.

4 Fitness Laws of Exercise Programs

These are the four cornerstones of a sound strength training program.

  1. Exercise selection-pick the right exercises that challenge the muscles with movements that you want to improve.
  2. Select the goal of your training- Picture where you want to be. Is it strength? Body composition? Sport performance? This affects how your program should be setup and carried out.
  3. Volume/Intensity relationship- Different people respond differently to different amounts of training at different loads. 3 sets of 12 reps is different than 6 sets of 6 reps. Both work.
  4. Frequency/time- how much time are you going to set aside to exercise? Twice a week, three times per week? Are these short frequent sessions of 20-30 minutes or longer 45-60 minute sessions? It can drastically change the way you choose to train.

You only get better at the things you’re training.

Want to build endurance?

You have to train in a way that promotes endurance adaptations.

Do you want to build strength?

You have to lift weights that challenge your body to grow stronger.

Want to change the shape of your glutes?

You better do some exercises that work the glutes.

Other factors

Another factor in how effective a strength training program can be is how much you believe the program will work.

If you quit on your training program before you give it an honest shot for 12 weeks, you likely won’t see any results yet. That’s demotivating. If you believe your program will work, it’s more likely you’ll work at it.