Local Businesses that will Help You Take Better Care of Your Body

Trusted local businesses in Columbia, Missouri where I personally send clients.

I've had physical therapy at least 8 times in my life since arriving to college and playing football. Most aches and pains I've brought on myself. Others have been by chance.

Regardless of the reason, it's good to know that I'm in the trusted hands of a professional who will help me get to where I want to be.

The problem is, it can be really hard to figure out if someone runs a good business until after you need their help.

Fortunately for you, I know a few places that can help you take better care of your body than I have in the past.

Family Focus Eyecare

Dr. Rich is one of the most passionate doctors you'll meet. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about finally getting my eyes examined as I didn't want to admit to anyone else I couldn't see. The staff at Family Focus Eyecare made me feel at ease.

Each and every person I've interacted with at Family Focus Eyecare genuinely seems to love their job and more importantly helping people. I've never had a bad interaction there.

Dr. Rich specializes in children and non-invasive eye exams. Children's eye exams are often free. That also means there's no need for him to dilate you with the dreaded eye puff.

Grant Ressel with Ressel and Bohon Family Dentistry

To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first.

I played college football with Grant at Mizzou. There's no way I could picture the guy with the golden toe (he was a kicker and an All American one actually) working on my mouth. I'm really glad that I gave Grant a shot because he's phenomenal.

I've had quite a bit of dental work in my day, I'll spare you the details. In all of that time, Grant was the first dentist who really took my concerns seriously and made me feel comfortable. I felt so comfortable on my last visit that I actually fell asleep in the chair.

Once I embarrassingly wiped a little bit of drool off my face, I thanked Grant and went on my way.

Columbia Chiropractic Group

You'll notice a theme here when I talk about Dr. Brittany Ramirez (Overman).

I have a personal bias towards physical therapy with my extensive experience with effective PT care. Dr. Ramirez came with the highest recommendation from my college athletic trainer so, I gave her a shot.

She is one of the most passionate, intelligent and kind-hearted people I know, period. She really helped me out when I injured my hip and needed help getting back to being active.

Dr. Ramirez is truly unique as she is a certified athletic trainer, a Sports Chiropractic Physician with 5 years in sports medicine, and one of the official Chiropractic Consultants for the University of Missouri Athletics.

Brittany always goes above and beyond to take care of any clients I've sent her who like chiropractic care. She also does a phenomenal job of educating clients on how their bodies work and why they might be having issues.

Scott Graham at Peak Sport and Spine

Scott Graham is someone that I have a tremendous amount of respect for. He came with the highest recommendation from my favorite college strength coach, Andrew Paul who is now the head strength coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Scott has experience as a teacher in the physical therapy school and it truly shows. There has never been a single time where I've felt confused by one of Scott's explanations of what is wrong with my body.

Between visits from time to time I will call Scott when I need advice on what's going wrong with clients as well as my own body. I would trust Scott with anyone in my family and really value what he does to help every person that steps through his doors.

P.S. None of these places paid me anything for this. It's merely a hat tip in appreciation.

Phone: 1-573-443-1495

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